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A Ressha de Ikou Exp PS4 Download :

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The ever-evolvingA-Trainseries. And its platform of further evolution is PlayStation for the first time in 16 years.

The latest entry of the PC versions,A-Train 9, which has fascinated users through its overwhelming creative power, is realized through PlayStation 4.

A-Train Expressimplements various features fromA-Train 9, but for the first time inA-Trainhistory, bullet trains from across the country, north to south, have been implemented. Controller-based urban development returns. Also, with PlayStation VR support, you can experience the world of railroad models, including N Gauge and H0 Gauge scaling, anew through the “VR Railroad Model Mode.”

With the introduction of a PlayStation 4 version, even users who have yet to play the PC versions will be able to experience the deep world ofA-Train 9.

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21 December 2017

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Google Drive, Mega.nz, Pipi, etc Game + Updates/ DLC + PW.rar + Rev. files + md5

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