Atrapa la bandera (Capture the Flag) V.1.02

Atrapa la bandera (Capture the Flag) PS4 Download

Atrapa la bandera (Capture the Flag) PS4 Download V.1.02 :

Detailed Description:

Atrapa la bandera (Capture the Flag) tells the story of Mike Goldwing, a brave and determined 12-year-old boy, son and grandson of astronauts, who has always dreamed of winning the game of catching the flag. In order to reconcile his family, which is what he most desires, he must catch the most significant flag in history: the one planted on the Moon by the astronauts in the Apollo XI mission.

With the help of his friends Amy and Marty and Igor (a crazy and fun lizard), he will undertake a thrilling adventure with his stubborn grandfather Frank to stop the evil plan of Richard Carson, an extravagant millionaire who, with the aim of colonizing the Moon , intends to erase from history the feat of the space missions 

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19 January 2016

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