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Enter the Gungeon V.1.04

Enter the Gungeon PS4 Download V.1.04 : Detailed Description: Enter the Gungeon is a gunfight dungeon crawler following a band of misfits seeking to shoot, loot, dodge roll and table-flip their way to personal absolution by reaching the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure: the gun that can kill the past.

Everybody’s Golf V.1.13

Everybody s Golf PS4 Download V.1.13 : Detailed Description: Everybody’s Golf is a new game for PS4! Anybody can play golf with basically only three button clicks. Now you can experience golf with a variety of character customizations, fishing, and karting across the courses. You can develop your skills with the challenge mode and compete […]

Entwined V.1.02

Entwined PS4 Download V.1.02 : Detailed Description: Entwined is a beautiful game about a bird and a fish that are in love but can’t be together. Learn to guide these two souls simultaneously then unite and transform them into a magnificent Dragon. Over the course of nine unique lifetimes can you become Entwined forever? Features: Innovative new game […]

Earth’s Dawn V.1.01

Earth s Dawn PS4 Download V.1.01 : Detailed Description: The fate of the Earth hangs in the balance! Fight as a soldier from the special forces with bionic implants and defeat the alien invasion known as E.B.E. in this 2D side-scrolling action game. Features: Create your own unique character, then customize their skills and craft […]

ELEX V.1.03

ELEX PS4 Download V.1.03 : Detailed Description: An action, role-playing open world game for PC and Consoles, Elex was developed by Piranha Bytes, creators of the award winning Gothic series and is set in a brand new, post-apocalyptic, Science-Fantasy universe where magic meets mechs. Advanced in technology, civilized and with a population of billions, Magalan […]

Euro Fishing V.1.07

Euro Fishing PS4 Download V.1.07 : Detailed Description: Dovetail Games Euro Fishing immerses you deep into the adrenaline-packed action, fun and beauty of Europe’s most famous lakes. Master your rod, line and tactics, and refine your technique to become a top angler. This is the closest you can get to real fishing from the comfort […]

Extinction V.1.01

Extinction PS4 Download V.1.01 : Detailed Description: As far back as anyone can remember, humanity has been at war with itself. For generations, kingdoms have fought amongst themselves while the real threat loomed in the distance. Legend calls them the Ravenii, encroaching armies of bloodthirsty monsters standing 150 feet tall that once threatened to destroy […]

ECHO V.1.01

ECHO PS4 Download V.1.01 : Detailed Description: After a century in stasis the girl En arrives at her destination: A Palace out of legend, a marvel of the old civilization eons gone, still awaiting its first human occupants. Out here, using forgotten technologies, she hopes to bring back a life that shouldn’t have been lost. […]

Escape Plan V.1.01

Escape Plan PS4 Download V.1.01 : Detailed Description: The award-winning survival-humor game for the PS Vita system is now available for the PS4 system! Help hapless heroes Lil and Laarg interact with unique and twisted puzzles of each room. Only you can help them survive before their captor and nemesis, Bakuki, recycles them and turns […]

The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel III

The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel III PS4 Download : Detailed Description: The end of the civil war led to the turning point of a new era for the Erebonian Empire. Centering on Rean Schwarzer as the Ashen Chevalier, the young man who came to be seen as a hero within the country, […]