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Job Simulator VR V.1.04

Job Simulator PS4 Download V.1.04 : Detailed Description: In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the ‘Job Simulator’ to learn what it was like ‘to job’. Players can relive the glory days of work by simulating the ins and outs of being a gourmet chef, an office worker, a convenience […]

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X PS4 Download : Detailed Description: Project DIVA X is driven forward though a narrative in which centers on Miku and her friends undertaking various requests as they explore the five Clouds that make up their world. Features: Digital Singers Take Over the Living Room – Produce live concerts accessorized to […]

Fruit Ninja VR V.1.02

Fruit Ninja VR PS4 Download V.1.02 : Detailed Description: What would it be like to slice hundreds of juicy fruit and never clean up the mess? Wonder no more – Fruit Ninja VR is here! Features: Duel with not one, but two swords that will also let you juggle, skewer and flick fruit, and even […]

Let’s Sing 8 Version Espanola V.1.03

Let s Sing 8 Version Espanola PS4 Download V.1.03 : Detailed Description: Let’s Sing, the best karaoke for PS4 !  Still have not tried karaoke with the best voice recognition system? Well, you can not miss the new release of Let’s Sing with a perfect combination of current hits, classics and international hits.  Enjoy with the […]

Diabolik Lovers Grand Edition V.1.01

Diabolik Lovers Grand Edition PS4 Download V.1.01 : Detailed Description: Diabolik Lovers title for PlayStation 4 is called Diabolik Lovers: Grand Edition and will include both Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition and Diabolik Lovers: More, Blood Limited V Edition, Idea Factory announced Features: Title selection – You can choose the title you want to play […]

Levantate All Stars V.1.01

Levantate All Stars PS4 Download V.1.01 : Detailed Description: Show that you are the soul of the party!  With the official video game of Stand Up All Stars, enjoy great successes of yesterday and today of the most recognized artists and their official video clips. Have fun and give it all playing alone or with up […]

Fated The Silent Oath VR

Fated The Silent Oath PS4 Download : Detailed Description: Set in the mythical age of Vikings, FATED: The Silent Oath tells a tale of courage and sacrifice where an everyday father and husband must do the impossible to save his family from the destruction of the world at the hands of giants of old. FATED […]

Just Dance 2016

Just Dance 2016 PS4 Download : Detailed Description: Introducing Just Dance 2016 – the newest game from the top-selling franchise – with a brand-new way to play! All you need is your smartphone and the Just Dance Controller App to play Just Dance 2016 on a next-gen console, no extra accessories needed. Bust a move […]

Driveclub VR V.1.01

Driveclub VR PS4 Download V.1.01 : Detailed Description: GEAR UP FOR VIRTUAL REALITY RACING The roar of the engines… the screech of the tires… the scream of the crowds… Experience the wild rush of high-octane VR racing from behind the wheel of the most powerful, high-end cars on the planet. Strap into the driver’s seat […]