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Fan-favorite ‘Empires’ series returns with Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires in 2015. While more information about this title is yet to be announced ‘Empires’ will take the focus away from the historical figures that roamed the battlefields of the Three Kingdoms of China, and emphasize more on player-created characters and strategic gameplay.


  • Witness as the Drama Unfolds! Create your Own Unique Three Kingdoms Experience – As you proceed through the game, you can choose from a variety of play styles that enable you to earn promotions, make slanderous statements against others, hone your skills as a warrior, and more
  • The New Battle System Features Advanced Strategy and Tactics – Stratagems, that were so popular in the previous entry in the series, have been upgraded even further. Starting with Large Scale Stratagems, where your allies will temporarily retreat from the battlefield while these powerful tactics are unleashed, various new stratagems have been added to provide even more strategic play
  • Experience the Greatly Expanded Freedom of the New Edit Mode – The Edit Mode traditionally found in the Empire series now features even more new advancements. With new editable parameters such as character facial contours, wrinkles, and facial hair, as well as new equipment and color variations, system greatly enhance the custom character function
  • Expand the World of Empires without Limits through Online Play – Like DW7 Empires, you will be able to upload and download customized officers, units, scenarios and more. The game has cooperative online play. You can also download a free trial version known as the “Free Alliances Version” alongside the launch of the regular game, enabling even more players to enjoy the online battle portion of the game

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24 February 2015

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