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Gauntlet Slayer Edition PS4 Download V.1.03 :

Detailed Description:


Four great heroes

Brave ancient chambers, torch-lit dungeons and long forgotten tombs as you search out wealth and glory among the hordes of the dead.

Play as one of four heroes – the wizard, the barbarian, the elf or the Valkyrie – and do battle against all manner of undead beasts in Gauntlet’s legendary dungeons. Complete challenges and clear tombs to discover new weapons and armour to upgrade your characters.


GauntletSlayer Edition is available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and features a range of additional content and upgrades, including:

  • New hero customization, weapons and abilities, so you can simultaneously customize all four characters.
  • Upgraded visuals, including new monster animations and models with new attacks and in-game behaviour.
  • A new “Endless” game mode that challenges you to face off against unending hordes of undead creatures.

Drag your friends into the fray with up to four player local co-op, available in all game modes, and combine team strategy with powerful spells and hack and slash bludgeoning to descend deeper than ever.

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The Earliest Release date:
12 August 2015

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Braz.Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish,
Polish, Russian, Spanish

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Google Drive,, Pipi, etc Game + Updates/ DLC + PW.rar + Rev. files + md5

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