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Hidden Agenda PS4 Download :

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Hidden Agenda is a third-person perspective action-adventure game . The player takes control of homicide detective Becky Marnie and district attorney Felicity Graves, both of them will involve in the case of a serial killer known as The Trapper. The game features quick time events that determine the outcome of the story, including a character’s death or survival.

With the PlayLink feature, others may join the game to vote for making a specific decision, using their Android or iOS smartphones. One player will at some point receive a secret objective, or Hidden Agenda, which is intended to create conflict between the players as they try to prevent it from happening.


  • Who Can You Trust? – Can you hold your nerve in the hunt for the infamous ‘Trapper’ killer? Use your mobile device to make tough decisions that impact the branching story line in this PS4 exclusive crime thriller from the PlayLink range. And with Until Dawn developer Super massive Games at the helm, you never know what’s lurking around each dark and sinister corner
  • Hunt the Trapper Killer – Whether you’re alone or with friends, your task is to capture the infamous Trapper killer – a ruthless murderer who booby-traps the bodies of his victims to eliminate first responders. Take control of two distinct protagonists and bring this killer to justice with quick-thinking and tough decision-making. Otherwise you could find yourself becoming the Trapper’s next victim
  • Story Mode – Bring up to five friends into the investigation as you’re asked questions about one another (such as whom you trust most in the group, or who’s coolest under pressure)
  • Competition Mode – One of you has been sent a ‘hidden agenda’ to your smart device – can you successfully complete it by secretly conspiring against your friends, or will you be discovered?

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21 November 2017

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