How To Become A Premium Member of PGPD?

Here is a Game Example for Fast Access to PW.rar: 99vidas

To become a premium member of pgpd:

i) Please donate us a symbolic fee US$4* at PayPal (I have set Personal Payments to lower the transaction fee. The donation will be returned to you if you change to Goods and Services.);


ii) Email us at [email protected].** In the email, please tell us the username and email address you would like to register and briefly describe how much and when do you donate. For easily identification, please donate the money like US$4.012 (Big donation is welcome 💋💋💋 as it is used for the website growth).


iii) Please wait for few hours. We will email the information to you afterwards***


* Your account is life time and never expire.

** If you want become premium member of pgpd, please contact us. We will help for the registration. 

*** As a premium member of pgpd, you can access our 3 secret pages (there is a downloadable secret file which is a great tool for ps4 in one of the secret page).

Your kind support is greatly appreciated.

It will motivate and encourage us to do better.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

p.s. we have made subscription to google drive (we will upgrade to bigger storage space if necessary) as we don’t want our games expired nor deleted.

Next target is made subscription to other storage space like

Final target is our website has different version (full lists) of games, updates and DLCs. 💪💪💪

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