How to Bypass “Shorten URL Service” Efficiently?

1. To assure the files are downloadable, we have subscribed the Google Drive monthly, some of our accounts are shown below:

2. Please click “Google Drive,, Pipi, etc”;

3. To aviod different ips attempt to download the files (it will be forced to change to PRIVATE (the page below)), you need to PASS the Human Verification Check.

4. Please click “Start Checking…”;

4. Please select one of the tests and complete it (the number of tests is limited, if no test is shown, please try again in different time zone);

5. When the system detect you as a human, you will be re-directed to the download page below;


6. An all-in-one zip file is stored in your computer, please unzip it and you will get the download links of games, updates and DLCs.

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