How to Download Links/ Winrar Files in the Final Step?

1. If you get lost in “Shorten URL Service”, please click here.

After passing the protection of “Shorten URL Service”, you will be redirected to the storage space webpage.

Please click 「普通下载」to download the text file which contains the Game Links and Patch Links or download the winrar file which contains the Game Unzip Password and CHECKSUM.md5.

Download Links/ Winrar Files

2. Please ignore the ads in the middle unless you want to join the membership of ctfiles.

Please save or open the Links (Google Drive).txt. The size of text file is very small as it is only store the links of your selected storage space.

Download Links/ Winrar Files

3. The text file for Links (Google Drive) is look like the pic below. You can simply copy all the links to download

Download Links/ Winrar Files

p.s. Many of our files are expired and deleted, so we have changed the link storage space which is never expired.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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