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NBA LIVE 15 PS4 Download :

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NBA LIVE 2015 brings the most complex and realistic basketball experience that every basketball fan has longed for. With hyper-realistic graphics and environmental textures, this is the most authentic Basketball game in existence.

NBA LIVE 2015 completely overshadows previous titles by offering a massive improvement in gameplay by adding over 500+ core improvements and 100+ new animations; with the every aspect of the game captured by a new motion capturing system, NBA comes alive this 2015!

NBA LIVE 2015 emphasizes on the improvement of the graphical animations and character physics of the game. Physics of each of the character models are the most realistic ever and their contextual emotional responses are really commendable. Real-Time physics makes for boundless possibilities in every possession from every drive, post move and collision around the hard court.

Parts of the massive improvement of NBA LIVE 2015 are the Ultra-Responsive Controls, all-new freestyle passing, and the shot feedback system. Ultra-Responsive Controls allows players to easily toggle passing, shooting and dribbling moves. Freestyle passing allows players to demonstrate behind-the-back pass, no looks and lots of passing moves while the all-new shot feedback system gives players insight on their shooting timing.

Want to change the result of the games you watch on the TV? Worry not because NBA LIVE 15 gives players up-to-date real time game updates of the full season and a chance to replicate game-changing moments within an hour of them happening in the real NBA. Also, players can assemble their very own ultimate team roster and compete in the online community or take part in Fantasy Challenges to earn coins and purchase new packs of players, uniforms, contracts, and more!

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  • LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION – We’re doubling down on visuals with an all-new scanning and lightning technique for the most photo-realistic player models in franchise history. Add into the mix player specific body types and contextual emotional responses and you will truly feel like you’re in the action
  • REAL-TIME PHYSICS IN THE PAINT – Feel the impact of real-time physics on every drive, post move and collision in the most trafficked area on the court. 100+ new animations make it possible for something unpredictable and amazing to happen on every play
  • ULTRA-RESPONSIVE CONTROLS – Passing, shooting and dribbling will feel snappier the moment you pick up the sticks. Freestyle Passing takes your assist game to the next level with no looks, behind the backs, and more. An all-new shot feedback system teaches you how to successfully get buckets, measuring three key factors in real-time to determine shot quality
  • SMARTER AI and TRANSITION GAME – New AI logic drives all 10 players to move with intent and purpose while displaying greater off-ball awareness, adjusting as every play develops

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  • DEFENSE IS FUN – New defensive systems make it easier to contain your man by using just the left stick. Contextual physicality, bumps and jostles, in addition to a new shot blocking system, delivers simplicity in controls helping you make that big defensive stop when your team needs it most
  • LEARN LIVE – NBA All-Star and Former ROTY Damian Lillard is your personal coach and mentor on the journey to becoming an expert NBA LIVE 15 player. Learn how to dominate LIVE like a boss with drills and tutorials wrapped in stories about Lillard’s path to the NBA
  • LIVE SEASON – BIG Moments just got bigger. New Hot Spot Challenges allow you to replicate game-changing moments within an hour of them happening in the real NBA. The closer you get, the more bonus points you earn. Plus, all-new featured monthly events will offer fresh challenges as they actually happen, in real-time
  • LIVE ULTIMATE TEAM – The perfect combination of NBA LIVE 15 and fantasy basketball. Build your dream team of the brightest modern NBA stars and all-time legends. Compete online or take part in Fantasy Challenges to earn coins and purchase new packs of players, uniforms, contracts, and more

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31 October 2014

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