Nobunaga’s Ambition Sphere of Influence V.1.01

Nobunaga s Ambition Sphere of Influence PS4 Download

Nobunaga s Ambition Sphere of Influence PS4 Download V.1.01 :

Detailed Description:

Since it’s days on BASIC for Japanese PCs, Nobunaga’s Ambition has told the story of the famous Nobunaga Oda, the ambitious real life 16th century Japanese ruler the with the desire for a unified Japan.

Offering players a chance to relive history with the benefit of advanced technology and 30 years of gameplay expertise, fully detailed 3D maps with over 300 castles allow for tactical immersion in what is considered to be the largest map in entire series. Based off Nobunaga no Yabou for the PS3, the PS4 port will also come with upgrades befitting the tech.

In Ambition, players can also to break free from the chains of history by achieving what Nobunaga could not finish in his lifetime; player choices ultimately will result in different multiple endings, as careful and complex strategies are easily implemented in gameplay assuring the decision of said choices.

Game flow will be separated into 3 main spheres: Creation, Diplomacy, and War: For Creation, micro management of a clan’s standing that deal with cultivating all aspects of economy, agriculture, infrastructure, and neighboring relations is paramount. Diplomacy spans from political intrigue, strategic marriages and oaths, alliances, loyalty, and of course, betrayal. Finally, as the namesake states, War is the part of the game in which all manner of feudal Japanese warfare takes place, with a focus on troop movement, army building, defense fortification, and absolute dominion.

Indulge in history with this sophisticated title; Koei Tecmo have ensured that through realistic graphics, robust gameplay and contemporary polish, Nobunga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence will set the benchmark for the historical simulator for another 30 years to come.

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  • A Single Beautifully Realistic 3D Map – Warring States Japan depicted on a single gorgeous 3D map. The castle town’s townscape, which is the basis for expanding your clan, shows the farms and buildings you plan. In addition, as the situation requires you can switch seamlessly from a close up zoom to a bird’s eye view. The full 3D country-wide map shows a dynamic landscape as you freely view the nation, and this also makes watching the growth of the castle town and the changes of the seasons feel much more dynamic
  • Dynamic Battle with Multi-faceted Strategies! – Over 300 castles appear across Japan. Experience battles with multi-faceted strategies involving forces from multiple castles working together to simultaneously attack multiple targets. Castles joining together for pincer attacks. Tactics that lure your enemies out of their fortifications. Dynamic battles unfold from a grand viewpoint
  • Dramatic History Carved by Your Own Hand! – Your decisions give added drama to the Warring States! Our “Free Quest system” tell the stories of the lives of the Daimyō through a series of quests. We have also added historical events to fill the spaces between quests to raise the sense of story and immersion into the game.

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4 September 2015

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