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At Anberyl Girls Academy, there is legend of a mysterious Holy Grail that can grant any wish. The holy grail is hidden deep inside an ancient cave at the academy. The cave, which is usually off limits, is opened only on the anniversary of the academy’s founding. However, while the Holy Grail was found by some students, it was for some reason destroyed, and that became the true legend… or that’s what was expected… The girls’ adventure surrounding the Holy Girl will begin once again…


An adventure to take to the bosom!
A sequel to the rogue-like RPG franchise, Omega Labyrinth, is finally here!

Every time you enter the dungeon, a newly generated map awaits you.
Omega Labyrinth Z is a genuine rogue-like RPG filled with adrenaline-pumping fun where lost health means lost wealth.

Start out on a new adventure loaded with new characters and new mechanics!

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6 July 2017

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