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The Persona Craze Continues:

Hit Game developer Altus, thrills all Persona Series’ fans and all game enthusiasts who crave for a different kind of gaming experience once more with the release of Persona 5 as its latest title! This role playing game is a sequel to the previous persona titles that carries the same formula that made the series a well circulated but with an exciting twist that no other title in the series had sported before. The use of new game engine, an intriguing storyline and a well thought concept sets Persona 5 apart from the others and is sure to keep players hooked for hours!

Chains, Emancipation and Intrigue:

Set in a high school kind of setting, players will be entering a world where social problems and hardships of today are being discussed and features characters that are being held back by the rules set by society. Being a “slave” in sense, trials should be overcome by players that “are bored and discontent with their lives” and set out in a quest for freedom from the certain appalling state they are currently in. Though offering fresh kind of concept, Persona 5 has made sure to offer a familiar sense of atmosphere for long-time fans of the series and an interesting twist for new players that will altogether spell out one of a kind gaming experience.


  • Christmas Costume Set
  • JPN Voices
  • Person 3 Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Person 2 Costume & BGM Special Set
  • SMT: Person Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Shin Megami Tensei if … Costume & BGM Special Set
  • P4 : Dancing All Night Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Person 5 – Person 4 Arena Ultimax Costume & BGM Special Set
  • many…

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15 September 2016

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Google Drive,, Pipi, etc Game + Updates/ DLC + PW.rar + Rev. files + md5

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