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AmnesiaPenumbra. Those who have experience these two titles might immediately flashback to moments of true terror. From the genuine sense of helplessness of being swept up in a grand first person horror narrative, Frictional Games are undoubtedly the masters of modern day terror. For SOMA, this is their newest nightmare, and all are welcome, though few can return.

A true sci-fi horror experience presented in the first person, SOMA will submerge players into the deep sea depths of the remote underwater research facility PATHOS-2. Trapped and alone, players must survive a gauntlet of deadly mysteries that weave together a sophisticated and cerebral tale involving extraterrestrial and supernatural threats superseded by technology that eerily becomes aware of its consciousness.

There are no jump scares in SOMA – this futuristic horror setting will be equally terrifying as well as intriguing, baiting all Gamers brave enough to reach the ultimately unsettling end. With a huge focus on the theme of consciousness, Frictional Games seeks to once again confront players with questions of their very existence.

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22 September 2015

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Braz.Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian,

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Google Drive,, Pipi, etc Game + Updates/ DLC + PW.rar + Rev. files + md5

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