Super Time Force Ultra V.1.01

Super Time Force Ultra PS4 Download

Super Time Force Ultra PS4 Download V.1.01 :

Detailed Description:

Super Time Force Ultra is an intense action-packed platformer with a time-travelling twist! Lead the elite members of the STF on a quest to right the wrongs of history, utilizing the distinct abilities of an ever-expanding cast of badasses! Time itself is the most powerful weapon you wield, bending it and stretching it to your advantage on the battlefields of the past and future. Also giant machine guns, rocket launchers, laser rifles and skateboarding dinos are pretty darned helpful too!

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Time Out!

At any moment you can stop time, rewind through the chaos and jump back into the action with a new character. At this point you’re playing with yourself (errr… ahem…), blasting alongside your previous lives, collaborating with them in a glorious collage of mayhem that we call: SINGLE PLAYER CO-OP!

19 Playable Characters

Super Time Force: Ultra features one of the craziest squads of characters ever assembled! From a rocket-launcher wielding demolition expert to a machine gun-toting Dolphin, to Merlin the wizard, the abilities and personalities of the STF cast constantly up the ante. And exclusively for the PS4/PSVITA, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, the traveler from Journey & Galahad from The Order: 1886 are joining the fun!

Mess up the time-space continuum!

Players can jump in and out of 6 unique time periods that take them from the ancient past to the far-away future. Destroy the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs! Discover the lost city of Atlantis! Or enter the Funderdome and battle hideous gladiators of the post-apocalyptic wasteland!

Extra Modes & Crazy Collectibes

In addition to regular levels stuffed with secret, tough-to-grab collectibles, Super Time Force Ultra also includes Super Hardcore Mode, a gruelling challenge that forces you to save your fallen comrades. STFU also includes Ultra Force Mode, which gives you explosively powerful parallel-dimension versions of every character. And the Helladeck levels are STFU’s virtual training simulator, offering a whopping 50 puzzle-style challenge levels that’ll tease your brain and bust your thumbs.

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1 September 2015

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English, Braz.Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish,
Polish, Russian, Spanish

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Google Drive,, Pipi, etc Game + Updates/ DLC + PW.rar + Rev. files + md5

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