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Detailed Description:

Start your journey and discover lots of mysteries in this 2D action-puzzle platformer, Teslagrad! Explore the long abandoned Tesla Tower and untangle all the mysteries and hidden secrets of your forgotten past. Defeat and overcome all the challenges that stand in your way, and unravel all the secrets in the treacherous tower!

With the abrupt disappearance of your family and your kind, play as a young Teslamancer who suddenly finds himself embroiled in a long-forgotten conspiracy, involving the tyrannical king who has ruled the nation with an iron-fist. As the last Teslamancer alive, your role is to reveal the great injustice that caused you to be the last of your kind.

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Explore a non-linear world with more than 100 beautiful hand-drawn environments, in a steampunk-inspired vision of an old Europe. Collect and pick up different ancient Teslamancer technologies on your way and use it to explore and succeed over complex brain-bending puzzles. Gain new abilities such as magnetism and other electromagnetic powers to progress through the game.

Teslagrad features a visual storytelling with no exposition, no dialogue, no tutorial, no UI to speak of, and no disruptions; seek the right path just with your imagination and creativity. Furthering this sense of immersion is Russian inspired music combining classical orchestral scores with industrial sounds effects.


  • Complex puzzles – Put your sense of logic to the test and cleverly manipulate the world around you using electricity and magnetism, the lifeblood of the game
  • Explore – Make your way through rich 2D hand-drawn surroundings as you journey into — and beyond— Tesla Tower, picking up amazing new items as you go
  • Visual storytelling – No text or voice-over. Everything is purely visual, and the entire story is told through what you see (and sometimes what you don’t see)
  • Steampunk powered – Discover a dystopian, mind-blowing rainy-and-brainy setting, presenting a steampunk vision of an old Europe-inspired new world
  • Old-school boss fights – Use your skills and wits to overcome the 5 incredible final bosses eager to de­magnetize you
  • No disruptions – That means no loading screens, no GUI, no cut scenes. Just the game and you
  • Mesmerizing music – Awesome mix of classical orchestra, with a touch of Russian inspiration and a myriad of metal bits and electrical stuff

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14 April 2015

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