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Yasai Ninja Samurai Onion and Broccoli Joe, the good guys in this hack and slash adventure. Set in feudal Japan, our vegetable samurai’s will face multiple enemies in this high action adventure game designed for one or two players.


  • Speed Based – In this type of level, the character has to move fast to keep going. There are a few enemies, and a few puzzles. In most cases, the level theme is to flee from serious danger that can’t be overcome, like a forest fire or running on water.
  • Fight Based – This type of level is about battle. Normally a more open field full of enemies who have to be defeated to continue.
  • Puzzle Based – This type of level is less common than the others and a little slower to play. You will have to stop and think how to solve the problem that you are facing with your abilities and the objects in the area.
  • Graphic Design – The different environments of Yasai create a rich visual diversity in a unique atmosphere, placing our characters in a universe created and developed especially for them

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2 October 2015

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Google Drive, Mega.nz, Pipi, etc Game + Updates/ DLC + PW.rar + Rev. files + md5

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